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Unaccredited colleges

Although we are not fully agreed with the list of unaccredited Universities below, but its will usefully for you to consider carefully before deciding to enroll to any University .

Notes :
  • No.7 (The University as established in Liberia and accredited by the Liberian Ministry of Education in 2001-2007. The degree issued at the time is must be recognized according to the UNESCO recommendation)
  • N0.104 ( The Entity is not University it is an evaluator Institution)
  • N0.248 and N0.249 ( The owner onf the Universities is Dr. Jeff Wooller, however the IUBS is gained accreditation from CHED Phillipines.Its Land Campus in Cebu operated by its local Manager Dr. Nunes. We invited this University to be promoted to Indonesia and we requested the accreditation evidence from CHED, but the answer is the program is for African Countries only)
1. Al-Ishraq University Saudi Arabia Lacks authority to issue degrees
2. Académie Européene d'Informatisation, Belgium, See World Information Distributed University
3. Academy for Contemporary Research, Unknown
4. Academy of Healing Arts, Unknown
5. Academy of Natural Therapies, Hawaii, CA, WY, MT, Closed by court order in Hawaii. Relocated to CA, then to either WY or MT.
6. Academy of Religious & Spiritual Studies,Unknown
7. Adam Smith University,Liberia, Saipan
8. Adams and Washington University, King College of Professional Studies England
9. Addison State University Ottawa, Canada. This is not a state entity and has no Ontario authorization to issue degrees.
10. Advanced Education Trust Unknown
11. Advanced Learning Network Vermont Does not have Vermont authority to grant degrees. Appears to be a conduit for converting nonacademic work to academic credits.
12. African Distributed University (AIDP) possibly Nigeria, Unrecognized. Connected to the World Information Distributed University.
13. Akamai University Hawaii
14. Al Qasim University Pakistan
15. Alberdeen University New Mexico "Not a licensed school in New Mexico" - New Mexico Department of Higher Education. Degrees therefore invalid in Oregon. Sometimes uses spelling "Aberdeen."
16. Albert University Delaware
17. Alexandria University US online (Nevada), not Egyptian
18. Al-Hurra University Sweden, Netherlands, Michigan, Rhode Island, others Lacks degree-granting authority. Sometimes spelled Alhuraa.
19. All Saints American University Liberia
20. All-American University Nevada
21. Allen Maxwell University Wyoming etc.
22. Almeda College (University) Florida, Idaho Closed by legal action in Florida but may still be operating there. Operating illegally in Idaho. Degree mill. Also uses name Almeda International University.
23. Al-Shurook University Saudi Arabia Lacks authority to issue degrees.
24. Ambai University Massachusetts. Has no degree-granting authority in Massachusetts.
25. Ambassador University Corporation Unknown
26. American Androgogy University Hawaii, Bolivia
27. American Capital University Liberia
28. American Central University Wyoming
29. American City University Wyoming
30. American Coastline University Hawaii, California, New York, Russia
31. American Columbus University California
32. American Global International University Florida
33. American Global University Wyoming
34. American Global University School of Medicine .Ohio. Operating without appropriate approval in Ohio.
35. American Independent International University Unknown
36. American International University multiple Fraudulent, carries false certification reading "ADA - State of Oregon USA." Any degree bearing this certification is fraudulent. It is unclear whether this is the same American International University that operates out of California and Lebanon. Its degrees are also invalid in Oregon.
37. American International University of Management and Technology. Hawaii. Closed by court order.
38. American Liberty University Alabama, California Also operates in England, Greece, S. Korea, China, Taiwan, Malaysia, and United Arab Emirates, according to the entity's web site.
39. American PacWest International University Hawaii State of Hawaii has filed suit to close this entity.
40. American State University Hawaii Relocated to Wyoming as Hamilton University. Relocated to the Caribbean as Richardson University.
41. American University for Humanities Mississippi, Colorado, Lebanon etc.New name for American University of Hawaii, which was closed by court order. Operations claiming accreditation from AALE in Lebanon do NOT meet Oregon legal requirements and degrees are not valid here. Degrees issued from Delaware are not valid in Oregon. For State of Mississippi information:
42. American University of Asturias Spain. Closed by Spanish government.
43. American University of Athens. Greece Claim of Delaware authority invalid since 2005. Claim of ACICS accreditation invalid since 2005.
44. American University of Hawaii Mississippi. Formerly Hawaii. Also India, Lebanon, Republic of Georgia and elsewhere. For State of Mississippi information: Operates from California and Delaware. Changed its name spring 2006 to American University for Humanities.
45. American University of London Saudi Arabia Lacks authority to issue degrees in Saudi Arabia.
46. American University of London St. Kitts/Nevis, UK, Sri Lanka
47. American University of Mayonic Science & Technology Colorado Lacks authority to issue degrees.
48. American World University Mississippi, California For State of Mississippi information:
49. Americana University Liberia
50. Americus University Washington DC
51. Ameritech University Monrovia
52. Amorsolo Foundation California Also uses name California University or CUFCE. Has no legal authority to issue college degrees or transcripts.
53. Amstead University US
54. Anacrusis Institute Greece, UK Greece does not recognize private degree suppliers. Related to American U of London. F
55. Anderson University California
56. Anglo American University Hawaii Closed by court order.
57. Arabic Open University Denmark
58. Aristotle University California College of Law
59. Armstrong University California Modern degrees issued by this entity are not accredited. Older degrees may be accredited. Contact the Western Association and ACICS for information about the entity's accreditation history and the nature of its practices.
60. Ashbourne University Great Britain Unrecognized by British education authorities
61. Ashburry University Mississippi
62. Ashford University Great Britain The British entity has no degree-granting authority. NOTE: The Franciscan University of Iowa recently changed its name to Ashford University. This U.S. college is accredited by the North Central Association and is not a diploma mill.
63. Ashington University British Virgin Islands; Louisiana
64. Ashwood University Florida, Pakistan, possibly Texas Fake. May also operate ''Universidad de las Palmas."
65. Athenaeum U Panama and UK. Does not exist. F
66. Atlantic International University Hawaii, Florida
67. Atlantic National University California
68. Atlantic Pacific University Chengdu, People's Republic of China
69. Auberdeen University Idaho Has no authority to issue degrees.
70. Azaliah formerly New Mexico Lost its US accreditation in 2002. Also operates in S. Africa and Asia.
71. Bangalore Inst of Science, Tech. and Mgt India
72. Barrington University Alabama See furtherinformation.html furtherinformation.html
73. Bavarian College of Science Germany Unrecognized, has no degree-granting authority.
74. Belford University Texas, previously Nevada or Arizona. Also Saudi Arabia. Fake.
75. Beloved Community Seminary Oregon, Hawaii Not an Oregon degree-granting entity. Degrees issued in Oregon are not valid. Degrees issued in Hawaii are legal for use in Oregon with disclaimer.
76. Benjamin Franklin Institute of Global Education Unknown
77. Bennington University United States, possibly elsewhere Not the same as accredited Bennington College in Vermont. The unaccredited supplier sometimes uses a Vermont address, too.
78. Berkeley International University Delaware Has no legal authority to issue degrees.
79. Berne University Pennsylvania, St. Kitts, Virginia Approval revoked by St. Kitts, February 2006. Closed as Berne, now operating as Bernelli University in Virginia. Further information: Further information:
80. NACES Response to Question
81. Bernelli University Virginia
82. Bienville University Louisiana, Mississippi Closed by state action in Louisiana. For State of Mississippi information:
83. Bircham International University UK, Spain, Bahamas, etc.
84. Blackstone University
85. Brainwells University US, Canada May operate from outside North America.
86. Brantridge University Hawaii Has ceased operations.
87. Breyer State University Alabama Not a state school. Lost its authority to issue degrees on June 3, 2008.
88. Bridgewater University. UK, Seychelles
89. Brighton University Missouri, Hawaii. Closed by court order.
90. Britain College of Management and Science UK See: furtherinformation.html
91. British American Business Institute Unknown
92. Brixton University British Columbia. Operating Illegally. Lacks authority to issue degrees.
93. Bronte International University. Unknown, probably Caribbean New name for the entity formerly known as Trinity College and University. Also operated in Louisiana and maybe elsewhere.
94. Burnell College Great Britain
95. Burnett International University Haiti, St. Kitts Medical school
96. Business and Computer University College Lebanon may be branch of unaccredited American University of Hawaii.
97. Buxton University Possibly UK, Singapore, Portugal Not a legal institution, therefore degrees invalid in Oregon.
98. Cal Southern University Texas Not a California school. Not the same as California Southern University. Registered in the South Pacific Island of Niue.
99. Calamus International University British West Indies F
100. California Institute for Human Science California, Japan
101. California Pacific University California
102. California Technical University California This is a private high school in Los Angeles, not a degree-granter. It has no relationship to Caltech, which is a genuine accredited degree-granter in California.
103. California University FCE California See also Amorsolo.
104. Calvary University Virginia based; also Oregon, UK, Netherlands, other foreign sites Has no legal authority to issue degrees.
105. Cambridge International University Cape Town, South Africa Does not have appropriate authorization from South Africa.
106. Cambridge State University Hawaii, Mississippi Not a state school. For State of Mississippi information:
107. Camford University Alabama
108. Campile University UK and Belize
109. Canada International Education Centre Alberta Canada Degree mill. Lacks degree-granting authority. Lacks Alberta approval.
110. Canadian School of Management Canada
111. Canbourne University UK.Not an authorized British university, therefore degrees invalid in Oregon.
112. Canterbury University UK Not associated with the legitimate New Zealand University of Canterbury nor the UK Canterbury Christ Church University or University of Kent at Canterbury.
113. Canyon College Idaho, California. All degrees issued by the entity should be considered invalid. Continues to operate illegally in Idaho. Statement issued by State of Idaho: "Canyon College (Caldwell, ID) is NOT properly registered with the state of Idaho. They are NOT accredited by any accrediting body recognized by either the USDE or the State Board of Idaho. ... Idaho does not consider Canyon College credits or diplomas valid" Canyon College announced an additional address in California on August 8, 2008. California currently allows any business to issue college degrees, whether or not it is a genuine college.
114. Capital American University Liberia
115. Caribbean Medical University Curacao
116. Carlingford University
117. Carrington University Unknown
118. Center College of Executive & Professional Development India
119. Center State University of Executive & Professional Development Monrovia
120. Central Pacific University Hawaii, Delaware, Dubai Has ceased operations in Hawaii but may still be active as a Delaware corporation owned from Dubai.
121. Central State University California, Canada Not a state school. Canadian and other foreign "affiliates" do not have appropriate legal status as degree-granters.
122. Century University New Mexico
123. Chadwick University Alabama
124. Charis School of Divinity Florida
125. Chartwell University Canada, Washington DC
126. Chase University .Unknown
127. Chelsea University United Kingdom Lacks authority to issue degrees in UK.
128. Cherub College Bahamas
129. Christian Leadership University New York
130. City University of L.A. California
131. Claremont University Seychelles Islands Operated from Illinois by former St. Regis University degree salesperson. Degree mill, no connection to genuine Claremont U in California.
132. Clayton College of Natural Health Alabama Degree holders are ineligible for Oregon professional practice or licensure.
133. Clayton University Hong Kong
134. Clermont College of Business Montana . Appears to be offshoot of Prescott College, closed by Hawaii.
135. College of Medical & Health Sciences St. Lucia
136. Colony University Liberia
137. Colorado University of Naturopathic Medicine Spain, British VI
138. Columbia Commonwealth University Wyoming
139. Columbia Pacific U. California Closed by court order.
140. Columbia State University Louisiana Closed by court order. See also: Senate Hearing Day 1 ; Senate Hearing Day 2
141. Columbus University Louisiana, Mississippi Closed by state action in Louisiana. For State of Mississippi information:
142. Commonwealth Open University Virgin Islands
143. Communion of Saints Seminary Oregon Operating illegally in Oregon, degrees invalid.
144. Concordia Virgin Islands, Spain, Dominica, Liberia, Indonesia This name is in common use around the world. Some schools are accredited, some are unaccredited but operating legally and some do not really exist. Concordia College and University of Liberia does not meet Oregon standards for degree use, contrary to statements made in its promotional materials. It should be viewed as a degree mill.
145. Continental University Liberia, Phillipines
146. Corllins University California
147. Cornerstone University Louisiana NOTE: Cornerstone University in Michigan is not the same entity, and is accredited.
148. Cosmopolitan Univ location uncertain Formerly in Missouri.
149. Cranston University online, Singapore, Nevada?
150. Cromwell College of IT and Management Great Britain
151. Crossworld Institute of Professional Studies Kenya Related to the Bircham U. degree mill
152. Crown Church College & University Unknown
153. Cultural International Center California, Lebanon
154. Culverton College Malaysia
155. Dartley University Delaware Lacks authority to issue valid degrees.
156. Denmark College of Management and IT Copenhagen, Denmark
157. DiUlus Institute and University Seborga (Italy), New Mexico
158. Dixon-Byrd Medical University St. Kitts
159. Donsbach University California
160. Dublin Metropolitan University Ireland Does not have authority to issue Irish degrees.
161. Earlscroft University Great Britain, Commonwealth, Seychelles
162. Earlstown University New York Degree mill, sells degrees outright.
163. Earthnet Institute Hawaii Closed in Hawaii in 2005 by court order.
164. East Point University Unknown
165. Ecole Superieure Internationale de Bruxelles Belgium, Spain Not a degree-granting institution.
166. Edenvale University Texas, Great Britain, New York Has no legal authority to issue degrees valid in Oregon.
167. Edison University Unknown Note: not the same as the accredited Thomas Edison of New Jersey. See also LaSalle University.
168. Ellington University Unknown
169. Esoteric Theological Seminary Multiple
170. Euclid University Central African Republic, Chad, Belgium, St. Vincent et al. ODA is currently evaluating the present legal status of this entity. As of 2006 it had no degree-granting authority acceptable under Oregon law.
171. European American University Dominica Also claims to be an international credential evaluator
172. European Carolus Magnus University Belgium, possibly elsewhere in Europe
173. European College of Medicine UK Division of unaccredited St Luke College of Medicine.
174. European Continental University Delaware, UK Lacks degree authority.
175. European Graduate School New York, Switzerland This supplier appears to be approved by Swiss cantons, but its degrees are not recognized for use at other Swiss universities.
176. European Management University International Denmark; also operates in Sweden, U.S. and China Degree mill
177. European University of Ireland Ireland Does not have authority to issue Irish degrees.
178. Fairfax University Louisiana, Montana, S. Dakota, U.K.
179. Farington University Refuses to disclose
180. Felton University Unknown
181. Firelake University Finland Not a Finnish college. Lacks authority to issue degrees
182. Fort Young University Liberia
183. Foundation University The Netherlands Does not have valid approval from the Govt of The Netherlands to issue degrees. F
184. Frederick Taylor International University Hawaii, California Closed by court order.
185. Free Swiss University of Saint George Switzerland
186. Freiburgh University Belgium
187. Geniversity Quebec, Virginia Lacks authority to issue degre
188. Glamshier University Wyoming etc.
189. Glencullen University UK F
190. Glenford University Louisiana Closed by state action.
191. Glenndale University UK Website same as Oaklands University
192. Global Open University Uganda, Delaware, Netherlands, Zambia, India Lacks appropriate degree authority.
193. Golden State University .Hawaii, Delaware, Belize, British Virgin Islands, Wyoming May be multiple entities. Name of one (Hawaii) changed to Honolulu University of the Arts Sciences & Humanities.
194. Gordon University Illinois, Florida
195. Grandview International University Missouri
196. Grandview International University Missouri Does not have degree-granting authority - State of Missouri
197. Greenleaf University Missouri Degrees banned for use in Sweden.
198. Greenwich University Formerly Hawaii, Norfolk Island, California. Closed by Australian govt.. See also
199. Information on Legality of Australian Colleges
200. Halifax University Wyoming
201. Hamilton University Wyoming See American State University above. Officially relocated to Bahamas as Richardson University. However, it still operated in some form in Wyoming as of early April, 2005. See also: Government Computer News; Chronicle of Higher Education
202. Hampton Bay University Liberia
203. Hampton College Nevada (not Hampton U. of Virginia)
204. Harrington University Great Britain Closed by the British government; furtherinformation.html See also: Diploma Mills F
205. Hartford University Washington DC, Vanuatu; false claim in MN Claims of Minnesota location are false. Apparently licensed on island of Vanuatu in South Pacific. An entity with the same name also operates in Washington D.C.
206. Hartland University Liberia
207. Hartley University Great Britain
208. Hawaii American University Hawaii Closed by court order.
209. Hawthorn University California, New York, Florida
210. Hawthorne University Utah
211. Heed University Wisconsin, Florida, Caribbean
212. Hegel International University California, Hawaii, Japan
213. Herguan University California
214. Heritage International University possibly UK, possibly Florida Degree mill, does not exist.
215. Hill University .Degree mill. Probably sells degrees from the UAE. F
216. Holos University Missouri, Norfolk Island and South Dakota
217. Honolulu University Hawaii There is confusion between this entity and Honolulu U of the Arts Sciences and Humanities. Both entities are restricted for use in Oregon owing tolack of accreditation.
218. Honolulu University Delaware
219. Honolulu University of the Arts Sciences & Humanities Hawaii See Golden State University above.
220. Honolulu USA Thailand, Pakistan
221. Horizons University France, Virginia
222. Illawarra College New Hampshire, Virginia, Australia
223. Information University of America Hawaii
224. Institute for Creative Process Unknown
225. Institute for Human Dynamics Unknown
226. Institute for Science in Mind Unknown
227. Institute for the Management of Information Systems Great Britain
228. Institute of Executive & Professional Development Liberia F
229. Institute of Global Education Oregon Has no legal authority to issue degrees or academic credit.
230. Institute of New Media & Technology Unknown
231. InTech University Liberia
232. InterAmerican University NY, California Not associated with the accredited InterAmerican University of Puerto Rico
233. Intermountain Institute of Natural Health Idaho
234. International Academy of Education University New York, Japan Lacks legal authority to issue degrees.
235. International American University California, Nepal Formerly Management Institute of America
236. International Earth Environment University Japan, Delaware
237. International Graduate Center Vermont, St. Croix USVI
238. International Institute for Specialised Education and Research Tennessee, also possibly Great Britain
239. International MBS Liberia
240. International Medical School of America Texas
241. International Mid Pac College Hawaii
242. International Theological University California
243. International University Missouri. Does not have authority to issue some of the degrees that it issues. Contact Missouri Coordinating Board for Higher Education for validity of specific degrees.
244. International University. Vienna, Austria "Not recognized as a university in Austria" - Bundesministerium fur Bildung, Wissenschaft und Kultur [Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Culture], 7 March 2006.
245. International University for Graduate Studies St. Kitts
246. International University of Nursing St. Kitts
247. IOND University. Hawaii, Japan, Philippines Degree mill closed in Hawaii by court order. No evidence of legal authority to issue degrees valid in Japan. Considered a degree mill by Japanese experts. No evidence of legal authority to issue degrees valid in Philippines. Claim of affiliation with University of Lodz in Poland is denied by U. of Lodz. All degrees should be considered invalid.
248. Irish International University Malaysia, Switzerland The Irish government has requested that Malaysia close this entity on grounds that it is neither Irish nor a university. It has obtained a business license in a Swiss canton, but is not a Swiss university.
249. Irish University Business School Ireland, Philippines. Irish University Business School is not accredited by HETAC in Ireland. It has recently claimed accreditation in the Philippines and is attempting to establish itself in Africa. Oregon does not recognize any of these operations.
250. Isles International University St. Kitts, Malaysia
251. ITECOPAM Haiti Not a recognized Haitian college. Nursing credentials from this entity are not accepted by Province of Quebec.
252. Ivory Carlson University Minnesota Degree mill operating without approval in Minnesota, apparently based in India.
253. James Cook Medical School Cook Islands No longer operating.
254. James Monroe University Liberia, operated from Washington, Idaho and Arizona.
255. JLF University.Florida
256. John Thomas Missouri
257. Johnson Daves University Liberia Also known as Johnson Davids University. Also claims to operate in the British Virgin Islands, United States and elsewhere.
258. Jose Bernardo Gutierrez de Lara Medical School.Texas
259. Kalinga University India. Does not have degree authority from India. Not the same as the legitimate Kalinga of the Phillippines
260. Kardan Institute of Higher Education Afghanistan. Affiliated with Preston U in Alabama.
261. Kennedy-Western University Wyoming, also California. Changed name to Warren National University, 2006
262. Kensington University. Hawaii, California Closed by court order.
263. Kent College probably Louisiana
264. Keystone University Florida
265. Kingdom College of Natural Health Louisiana, Russia
266. Kingsfield University Great Britain
267. Knightsbridge University Denmark. Does not have appropriate legal authority to issue degrees in Denmark.
268. LaCrosse University. Mississippi. Closed by state action in Louisiana, relocated to Mississippi. For State of Mississippi information:
269. Lahaye Global University of Journalism and Media
270. Lamberhurst University. United Kingdom
271. Lambert University. Hawaii. Formerly Newport Asia Pacific University.
272. Landegg International University. Switzerland. Lacks appropriate authority to issue degrees.
273. Landsfield University Seychelles
274. Lansbridge University British Columbia Closed by court order.
275. LaSalle University Louisiana Closed by court action. No connection to legitimate LaSalle of Pennsylvania.
276. Laureate University Probably UK or Canada. No evidence of authority to issue degrees. Not related to Laureate Education, Inc., which operates the regionally accredited Walden University.
277. Lee Community College Singapore
278. Leibniz New Mexico, Italy
279. Leugenia University South Carolina
280. Lexington University online, Nevada?
281. Limburg University Sweden; Greece Lacks degree-granting authority.
282. Lincoln International University, Inc. Hawaii Closed by court order.
283. Lincoln University New Mexico, Italy No connection to the legitimate Lincoln University in New Zealand or accredited institutions by that name elsewhere in the U.S.
284. London College of Technology UK See also: furtherinformation.html
285. Madison University Mississippi For State of Mississippi information:
286. Management Institute of Canada Ontario/Quebec Not a Canadian degree-granter. (Note that membership in an association is not the same as being accredited by it.)
287. Manhattan University Hawaii, British Columbia Closed by court order.
288. Marlborough University Hawaii
289. Marylebone University Seychelles, UK
290. Medical College of London UK, Montserrat Montserrat approval is invalid without UK approval. See also: Further Information
291. Medical University of the Americas Belize Note: Not the same entity as Medical University of the Americas-Nevis, which has been approved by the State of New York.
292. Midwest Missouri University Missouri
293. Midwestern University. Springfield, Missouri NOTE: not the same as Midwestern U of Arizona or Illinois or Midwestern Baptist Seminary in Missouri
294. Miranda International University. Tennessee, Washington, Seborga (Italy)
295. Mishigan International College Pakistan
296. Miura Marine Institute Japan Part of unapproved IOND degree mill complex. Probably closed.
297. Monterrey Institute for Graduate Studies Texas This entity claimed to be a branch of a Mexican institution with authority to operate in the U.S., but in fact did not have that authority and had no free-standing degree authority from Mexico. Appears to be closed.
298. Monticello University/Thomas Jefferson University Kansas, Hawaii, Texas Closed by court order in Hawaii. May still operate in Texas. See also furtherinformation.html
299. MUST University Online programs including nursing. Lacks appropriate approval or accreditation.
300. Nation State University Unknown
301. Nation University Hawaii Closed by court order.
302. National Consortium Staff College Missouri
303. New Manhattan University Unknown
304. Newbridge University Unknown, possibly California
305. Newburgh Theological Seminary Indiana
306. Newport Asia Pacific University California
307. Newport University Hawaii, Lebanon
308. Newton University Vancouver BC, Hawaii. Closed by court order.
309. Nightingale University. Panama Lacks degree authority.
310. Nobel University South Korea
311. North Lexington University Massachusetts Degree mill. Has no authority to issue degrees.
312. North Norway University Norway, Panama, UK Not a Norwegian degree-granter.
313. North United University Unknown
314. Northwestern International University, Ltd. Cyprus/Denmark Has no recognized degree authority from Cyprus or Denmark.
315. Norway University Norway, UK, Panama Not a Norwegian degree granter. Apparently operates from Panama and/or the UK. Also known as University of Norway.
316. Novus University Mississippi For State of Mississippi information:
317. Oaklands University Unknown, contact is in UK Appears to be a new version of the University Degree Program supposedly closed by the Federal Trade Commission. Website same as Glenndale
318. Oceania University of Medicine Samoa, Florida, Pennsylvania Operating illegally in Florida.
319. Olive Branch University unknown Claims accreditation from Belgian entity; not recognized in U.S.
320. Omniversity Alabama
321. Open University of America Puerto Rico
322. Open University of Lincoln Nebraska
323. Oxford International University Great Britain No connection to legitimate Oxford University in Great Britain.
324. Oxford Trent University Texas
325. Pacific Basin University Texas, Mexico, Micronesia
326. Pacific Buddhist University Hawaii, Japan
327. Pacific Coast University California
328. Pacific Southern University Hawaii Closed by court order.
329. Pacific Western University California Degrees issued by the former Pacific Western University in Hawaii are not from the same entity as the current PWU of California. Employers should verify which entity issued any PWU degree.
330. Panama Canal University
331. Pan American University Liberia
332. Paramount University of Technology Wyoming
333. Parkwood University U.S.; Great Britain
334. Pass Christian University Unknown No evidence of approval to issue degrees as of June 25, 2008.
335. Pebble Hills University Italy (Seborga), Australia (Hutt River Province), Delaware, California Claims authority to issue degrees from subnational entities in Italy, U.S. and Australia. Approval is not recognized internationally and the entity should be viewed as not a degree-granting institution.
336. Personal Therapy Institute Unknown
337. Pickering University Hawaii Closed by court order.
338. Port Rhode University Unknown
339. Prescott College of Business and Leadership Studies Hawaii Closed by court order.
340. Prescott University New Zealand Has no degree authority. Linked to other fakes in UK and India.
341. Preston University Pakistan, California, Nepal, Dubai, Alabama, Wyoming Lacks degree-granting authority. Owned and operated from Pakistan, but has also had U.S. operations in Wyoming and Alabama. Recently began selling degrees from California. Operates under various names in Europe, south Asia and the Middle East. In 2009, active in Nepal.
342. Promis University of London UK and Belize
343. Queens University of Brighton California, Missouri, others
344. Queenston University Utah, Vanuatu, Australia
345. Rai University International Delaware, Australia, UK Lacks degree-granting authority.
346. Randford University Florida Not on Florida's list of degree-granters
347. Randford University Virginia
348. Redding University U.S., location unknown
349. Regent International University.Australia, Switzerland
350. Regus University California, DC, Texas Degree mill, lacks degree-granting authority. Operates from Texas as of late 2009.
351. Revans University Vila, Vanuatu, Colorado Also uses name University of Action Learning
352. Richardson University Bahamas; Wyoming Appears to be the new version of Hamilton University.
353. Ridgewood University Israel, U.S. Fake.
354. Robert Kennedy University Switzerland This supplier no longer issues degrees under its own name. It is approved by a Swiss canton, but its degrees are not recognized for use at other Swiss universities. Degrees issued by the University of Wales based on work done at Robert Kennedy are acceptable.
355. Robert de Sorbon France, Maine, Switzerland, Florida and the Comoro Islands Uses several similar names including "U Francophone" and "Ecole Superior" with the Sorbon name. AACRAO has concluded that the entity has no authority to issue degrees. Claims of AACRAO approval made by an organization called AUAP are inaccurate and AACRAO has filed suit against the entity. Degrees are banned for use in Sweden. Not the same as 'Sorbonne', which refers to three government-recognized universities in Paris. F
356. Robertstown University Liberia, operated from Washington state, Idaho and Arizona. F
357. Rochelle University Unknown Probably related to Rochville University. Not the same as the legitimate College of New Rochelle in New York or University de la Rochelle in France.
358. Rochville University Unknown Fake. See also: furtherinformation.html
359. Rockfield College of Management Switzerland "The Rockfield College of Management in Zürich is neither recognized by the Swiss Confederation nor accredited by the Swiss university conference. Recognized/accredited Swiss higher education institutions are listed at: Swiss ENIC Rektorenkonferenz der Schweizer Universitäten Conférence des Recteurs des Universités Suisses CRUS Rectors' Conference of the Swiss Universities Postfach 607, Sennweg 2 3000 Bern 9 Tel. +41 (0)31 306 60 32 Fax +41 (0)31 302 60 20 "
360. Rocklands University Probably UK but operator may be in US
361. Romano Byzantine Minnesota, Virginia Appears to be reincarnation of former Colorado entityl Notre Dame de Lafayette.
362. Royal Canadian Institute of Technology British Columbia Has no legal authority to issue degrees.
363. Royal University of Copenhagen Denmark
364. Rushmore University Cayman Is., Georgia USA
365. Rutherford University Wyoming, British Columbia, Swaziland, South Africa, China Degree mill. No authority to issue degrees. Formerly labeled Stratford International University.
366. Sacramento International University
367. Sacramento Regent University California Has no legal authority to issue degrees in California.
368. Sacramento Theological Seminary and Bible College.California
369. Saint Ambrose College Anguilla, Pennsylvania
370. Saint Augustin University Florida
371. Saint Augustine School of Medical Assistants. State of Georgia, online supplier.
372. Saint Augustine University location unknown
373. Saint Christopher's College of Medicine Senegal, UK, Belize Great Britain ceased accepting its degrees, March, 2006. No Senegalese school issuing degrees under this name exists as of March, 2006. Price, Waterhouse has taken over the entity's records (UK/Senegal) and students who want to get information must contact PWC. The phone number is +44-771113725.
374. Saint Clements University Great Britain, Niue, Turks and Caicos Islands, various African sites New Zealand government treats Niue operation as substandard and asks that its degrees not be included in international listings.
375. Saint George University International St. Kitts, Grenada
376. Saint John's University College of Medicine Montserrat Closed by court order.
377. Saint Linus University.Belgium and others Connected to the entity called World Information Distributed University.
378. Saint Lourdes University Unknown
379. Saint Lucia College of Medicine St. Lucia See also: F
380. Saint Luke School of Medicine California, Ghana, Liberia Disowned by Liberian government in 2005. Great Britain banned use of its degrees, March, 2006.
381. Saint Mary's College of Medicine Hawaii Closed by court order.
382. Saint Mary's School of Medicine Cook Islands F
383. Saint Michael University Florida, New York, California, British Columbia, Washington
384. Saint Regis University Dominica; Liberia; Washington D.C., State of Washington Closed by court order, June 2005. Falsely asserted Liberian government approval. Falsely asserted Indian government approval. Note: not the same as Regis of Massachusetts or Colorado.
385. Saint Renoir University Unknown
386. Saint Theresa Medical School St. Kitts; Sri Lanka
387. Saint Theresa's Medical University St. Kitts Also operates jointly with the degree mill called Warnborough University or Warnborough College.
388. Saint Thomas Institute India
389. San Diego Pacific University
390. San Francisco International University. California Has no legal authority to issue degrees in California.
391. Scandinavian Academy Sweden
392. Scandinavian University of Science and Technology Sweden Lacks degree-granting authority.
393. Scandinavian University, The Norway Has no authority to issue degrees.
394. Scarsdale University California, UK Does not have authority to issue degrees in California or the UK.
395. Shaftsbury University
396. Shelbourne University Pennsylvania
397. Shelterglen University Ohio
398. Shepperton University Unknown
399. Smith Gaither Christian University Kansas
400. Solsbury University Ontario, Canada According to the Ontario government, "Solsbury University does not have the authority to offer degrees, programs leading to a degree or to call itself a university in Ontario."
401. South Atlantic University Unknown
402. South Pacific School of Medicine Texas Originated on Cook Islands
403. Southcoast International University
404. Southern Graduate Institute Kentucky
405. Southern Pacific University Malaysia, Hawaii Closed by court order in Hawaii. Apparently now operating in Malaysia.
406. Southwest International University Bayside, NY
407. Spartan University of Health Sciences St. Lucia, Texas, New Mexico Operating illegally in New Mexico.
408. Standford University Florida, Texas, possibly offshore No relation to Stanford University in California.
409. Stanley State University Unknown
410. Stanton University Hawaii Closed by court order.
411. Stefan International University, Inc. California
412. Stensan International Univ California
413. Stonebridge Associated Colleges Great Britain
414. Strassford University Great Britain
415. Success Seminary Oregon. Operating illegally in Oregon, degrees invalid
416. Suffield University Connecticut Operating illegally in Connecticut.
417. Summerset University UK Appears to be a new version of the "University Degree Program" cluster supposedly closed by UK and US action. It has no legal authority to issue degrees.
418. Summit University Louisiana May also operate in Japan.
419. Sutherland University
420. Swiss European University Switzerland Not recognized by Swiss government.
421. Synergystics Rochester, NY
422. Taiken Wilmington University US, possibly Japan
423. Tecana International Universita South America
424. Templeton University online, Singapore, Nevada?
425. The Dream Institute Unknown
426. The Gemini College Great Britain
427. The Thornwood University (probably UK, Netherlands)
428. Thierry Graduate School Belgium
429. Thomas Bilney Theological Seminary Ohio
430. Thornewood University Great Britain
431. Thornhill University UK
432. Trident University of Technology Singapore Denied approval by Wisconsin. Was never legal in New Jersey as claimed.
433. Trinity College and University formerly South Dakota May have moved to Canada or Caribbean. Many institutions, some legitimate, use the name Trinity.
434. Trinity International University College Wyoming, Delaware, France Not the Trinity International University in Illinois
435. Udex University Egypt, Dominica May be connected to "Ambassador University" in Egypt.
436. United Pacific University formerly Hawaii
437. Universidad de las Palmas Unknown Probably affiliated with Ashwood University online, an unaccredited supplier.
438. Universidad Hispana Utah Unaccredited.
439. Universitas 21 Channel Islands, UK Not a degree-granting entity. Confusion arises because some degree-granters work through this entity to issue legitimate degrees.
440. Universite de Wallis Wallis and Fortuna Islands, South Pacific Operates from London.
441. Universite Libre Internationale Belgium "The institution is not authorized to organise recognised programmes nor deliver recognised academic degrees" - Statement of the government of Belgium
442. Universiteit Russell Hobbes probably Netherlands Formerly claimed association with Preston U of Wyoming.
443. University of Honolulu Hawaii Closed by court order.
444. University College for Advanced Studies India
445. University College of Hospitality and Care Delaware, UK Lacks degree authority
446. University de la Romande UK
447. University for Integrative Learning California
448. University of Advanced Research California Also operated in Hawaii, where its local operation has been closed by court order, see:
449. University of Berkley Pennsylvania
450. University of Devonshire UK
451. University of Doncaster England See also: furtherinformation.html
452. University of Dorchester Unknown
453. University of Dublin California No connection to legitimate Irish university.
454. University of Dunham Unknown
455. University of Ecoforum for Peace Switzerland
456. University of Esoterica multiple
457. University of Health Science Hawaii
458. University of Honiara New Zealand Degree mill
459. University of Honolulu USA Utah, Thailand & Pakistan Notes: Office in Utah. No link to Hawaii.
460. University of Honorius New Zealand Degree mill
461. University of Metaphysical Studies New Mexico Operating illegally and unlicensed in New Mexico. - New Mexico Department of Higher Education.
462. University of Metaphysics California, possibly Nevada
463. University of New Castle Oregon, Ireland, UK, Washington DC, south Pacific islands AKA University of Newcastle. Operating illegally in Oregon.
464. University of Newlands New Zealand Lacks authority to issue degrees.
465. University of Northern Washington Vancouver B.C.
466. University of NorthWest Wyoming, Louisiana, Pakistan, India, New Jersey
467. University of Palmers Green UK Closed by the British government. F
468. University of Ravenhurst Great Britain
469. University of San Moritz Great Britain, Cyprus
470. University of Santa Barbara California No connection to UC Santa Barbara.
471. University of Santa Monica California
472. University of Science at Berkeley Japan
473. University of Science, Arts and Technology (USAT) Montserrat Accreditation denied by Caricom
474. University of Sint Eustatius Caribbean Denied training status in Florida. Note spelling, used in the official documents instead of "Saint."
475. University of the Holy Land Israel, may be operated from State of Oregon Not recognized as a university by Israeli higher education office. Not an Oregon degree-granter.
476. University of Wexford Great Britain Closed by the British government.
477. Valde University Illinois
478. Van Ives University Unknown
479. Vancouver University Worldwide British Columbia, Singapore Closed by court order. Never was authorized to issue degrees by appropriate BC authority. Singapore operation is unrecognized.
480. Vernell University Unknown
481. Victorville International University California
482. Virginia International University Virginia
483. Vital Connection University Colorado, New Jersey; Arizona
484. Von Epstein University Nevada, Argentina, Ireland, UK, Germany "This institution is neither a state university nor a university that is officially recognized by the State of Bavaria." Bayerisches Staatsministerium für Wissenschaft, Forschung und Kunst Salvatorstraße 2 80327 München
485. Wakefield International University St. Kitts/Nevis
486. Warnborough University Republic of Ireland, also Great Britain Also Warnborough College. "Warnborough University is not a recognized institution in Ireland" - National Qualifications Authority of Ireland "Not a UK degree-granter. Appearance on UK registry of training providers does not confer or represent authorization to issue degrees" - British Higher Education Governance office. Also operates jointly with St. Theresa's Medical University of St. Kitts.
487. Warren National University Wyoming New name for Kennedy-Western University.
488. Washington American Governors U Delaware business Lacks valid degree-granting authority.
489. Washington International University British Virgin Islands Degrees not recognized.
490. Washington School of Theology Oregon Operating illegally in Oregon, degrees invalid.
491. West Coast University Panama, Western Australia, UK, Dubai, India etc. This name is used by multiple unaccredited entities. The extent to which they are related is unknown. All outside the U.S. are considered degree mills because they lack appropriate governmental authority to issue degrees. Not the same as the accredited Health Sciences school by the same name in California. NOTE: Degrees issued by a school with the same name located at 440 Shatto Place, Los Angeles CA that was WASC-accredited from 1963-1997 are valid for use in Oregon.
492. Westbourne University Great Britain
493. Westbrook University West Virginia, New Mexico, New York, California No longer licensed to issue degrees by New Mexico. Not known to be licensed in any state.
494. Western States University for Professional Studies Missouri
495. Westgate University Delaware corporation True locations unknown; holds no meaningful accreditation.
496. Westhampton University Great Britain
497. Westmore University Singapore. Also called Westmore College.
498. Weston Reserve University Seychelles, Kuwait, Canada, other non-U.S. locations No recognized provincial or national approval.
499. Weybridge University Gibraltar
500. Willamsburg University New York, Saudi Arabia, UK Fake.
501. William Tucker University Seborga (Italy), District of Columbia Not on the District of Columbia's list of licensed schools.
502. Williamstown University unknown Degree mill.
503. Wilson State University, Inc. Hawaii, New Jersey Closed.
504. Wisconsin International University Ghana, Ukraine and others
505. Wittfield University Hawaii Closed.
506. Worcester University Panama Lacks degree authority.
507. Worchester University Panama Lacks degree authority.
508. World Information Distributed University Russia, Belgium, Switzerland Not a Belgian university. WIDU - Response from Belgian French Community MOE
509. WIDU Link 2 World Information Distributed University in the news: F
510. World Pacific University Guam address, Ascension Island domain registration Does not have DETC accreditation as claimed on web site.
511. Yorker International University South Dakota, New York
512. Youngsfield University New York, UK Fake.
513. YUIN/American University Hawaii Operated from California.
514. Zenith University Hawaii See also Pickering and Brighton.

This is by no means an exhaustive list of institutions whose degrees cannot be used in Oregon or must be used with restrictions. It is a list of those most recently reported.

Interested in starting a college in Oregon or obtaining ODA authorization? Regulations governing the authorization of colleges in Oregon can be found at OAR 583-030, available via the sidebar on this page. Contact ODA with any questions.

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