Case study of the importance of Accreditation and the sense of competition

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This news from the Accountancy Age is an evidence how importance the Accreditation of the Higher Education Institution. Although we are not fully agreed with this news, as far as we know that the IUBS is accredited by CHED Philippines, and according to Dr. Jeff Wooller its degree courses is limited to African Countries.   But we suggest to Indonesian prospective student and/or leaner to reconsider to apply to any unaccredited University and/or college, traditional or non Traditional Institution.

Although the listing of IAU-UNESCO is not a guarantee that the listed University is Accredited by UNESCO as this Institution  is not accreditation body, at least you will know which accredited Universities and Colleges in any Country in the world. But once again the listing is not a guarantee that the University is professionally operated by its management. IUBS is ones of the Listed University in IAU-UNESCO 2010 listing, so please reconsider to enroll at any unclear University before you loss your time and money. Please take a look

Anti-merger leader stripped of 

ICAEW membership

Jeff Wooller thrown out over connection to false education claims
Written by Gavin Hinks

Jeff Wooller, the dissident member of the ICAEW who campaigned against its merger with other institutes, has been stripped of his membership after acting as the vice chancellor of three organisations falsely claiming to provide university level education.

A statement from the ICAEW said: "Jeff Wooller was excluded from membership, with no re-application to be considered for a minimum of five years." He was fined £20,000 and ordered to pay £19,533 in costs.

Wooller represented the Irish International University, the Irish University Business School and the International University Business School.

The complaint against him was that he relied upon his membership of the ICAEW to gain each position but should have been “aware” of the false claims and took no action to investigate or prevent them continuing.

The organisations each claimed to offer education equivalent to a British university when their qualifications were of “little or no intrinsic value”, the ICAEW complaint claimed.

In the case of the Irish International University, it was not accredited, contrary to claims on its website, nor was the description of its governance and structure accurate.

Jeff Wooller was excluded from membership, with no re-application to be considered for a minimum of five years.


The ICAEW found that each organisation could have misled students or employers and that Wooller took no action in his official capacities to prevent it.

The ICAEW’s action addressed the complaint that Wooller’s behaviour was “likely to bring discredit on himself, the institute or the profession of accountancy".

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